The Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk

Sep 27, 2022 | Announcements

First, let’s clear something up; chocolate milk does not come from brown cows! Chocolate milk is made by simply adding cocoa powder to white milk. Okay, now that you know that chocolate milk is white milk flavored with chocolate, we can talk about the benefits of drinking chocolate milk!

Like regular, unflavored, white milk, chocolate milk is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients—the high calcium and vitamin D levels aid bone, teeth, and muscle health. The calcium in dairy is easily absorbed by the body, promoting growth and strengthening of the bones in children and adolescents. 

For athletes, chocolate milk is an excellent option as a post-workout drink. The protein found in low-fat chocolate milk helps repair and grow muscle tissue after working out, training, or playing sports. In addition, the carbohydrates found in this healthy drink provide needed energy after a strenuous workout by quickly replenishing the body's sugar levels. A typical 30–45-minute workout can drain fluids and electrolytes from the body, leaving you dehydrated and sluggish. Milk can replace those lost nutrients, keep you hydrated, and help the body recover faster. Chocolate milk is an excellent alternative to some recovery sports drinks because it does not contain caffeine or a ton of extra sugar.  

Intolerance of cow’s milk? Try Lactaid or any other version of lactose-free milk – it has all of the fantastic benefits of milk without the bothersome side effects of lactose!