What We Do

The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) is a farmer-founded and funded organization whose mission is to enhance the public’s understanding of and appreciation for animal agriculture by fostering a dialogue with consumers, engagement with farmers and cooperation among members of the industry.

Our work is critical since farmers make up less than one percent of the population in New York. At the same time, consumers have become further removed from the farm, both geographically and generationally speaking.

This divide presents the agricultural industry with an opportunity and a need to educate and inform the public. NYAAC is doing its part by offering programs and services to aid in conversations with consumers and enhance transparency on farms, allowing the public to be more knowledgeable and aware of the truth of modern animal agriculture. We focus our efforts primarily on dairy farms, as they are the most prominent type of livestock farm in New York State.

NYAAC is committed to being a proactive voice and source of factual, credible information about New York dairy farms and their role in today’s food system. Through this website and the various projects NYAAC is involved with, we hope to strengthen the public’s trust and support for our family farms that contribute to a safe, wholesome, affordable, and sustainable food supply.

As a not-for-profit 501c3 organization, our official by-laws state that we must share our end-of-year financials. Please find our final yearly financial statements below.
If you’d like to learn more about the projects we work on all year, please review our Annual and Mid-year reports below.