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Promoting Animal Care, Environmental Stewardship, and Community Partnership

The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) is a collaborative group of advocates that builds trust between farmers and their community members. This non-for-profit organization showcases modern agricultural practices in an ever-changing industry by empowering and encouraging farmers to share their agricultural stories. To sustain the future of animal agriculture, NYAAC utilizes its diverse passions to amplify the voices of New York State farmers. With dynamic staff, farmer directors, and industry professionals, this team effectively networks and builds relationships to raise funds and support for programs that align with the NYAAC mission.

Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

Resources for Farmers

Resources for Farmers

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Join us at the New York State FairBirthing Center








The NY Animal Agriculture Coalition Birthing Center at the New York State Fairgrounds offers a firsthand look at dairy cow and farm animal births, aiming to educate visitors about modern agricultural practices and promote appreciation for the industry. Through interactive displays and live demonstrations, attendees learn about animal care, nutrition, and the vital role of agriculture in the state.
Big announcement coming Summer 2024!

Big Announcement Coming Summer 2024!

NYAAC will be launching a new, engaging and high-tech mobile dairy experience that will be available to book for visits to county fairs, schools, farm tours, and other community gatherings. New York dairy will truly be on the moo-ve! Stay tuned.

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Dairy Runs the Distance

In triathlon, it’s often said that fueling is the fourth discipline and I couldn’t agree more. As an athlete I want to feel good because of how and what I’m fueling with. For those of you unfamiliar...

Farmers Utilize FARM Program

Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) is an aptly named program and an even more suitable acronym! FARM has been responding to the needs of our dairy industry for over a decade now by...
Celebrating Dairy in Extraordinary Times in Northern New York

June Dairy Month 2024

Get ready for an udderly amazing June! We're bursting with excitement to present 30 delightful and effortless ways to honor National Dairy Month! Each day throughout the month, aim to tackle one of...
Celebrating National Beef Month!

Celebrating National Beef Month!

As May unfolds and the warmer weather appears, so does the celebration of National Beef Month, a time to honor the hard work and dedication of the beef producers, butchers, and retailers who...
NYAAC's 2024 Scholarship Recipients

NYAAC’s 2024 Scholarship Recipients

NYAAC received nearly 20 applications this year for their Animal Agriculture Advocacy Scholarship! Of those, two were selected to receive $750 to support them while continuing their education.This...

Application OPEN: Young People Interested in a Career as a Veterinarian – Apply TODAY!

Aspiring Veterinarian Program Are you a young person passionate about animal care and interested in a career as a large animal veterinarian? If yes, this opportunity might be for you! NYAAC (NY...