The Dairy Cow Birthing Center – Year #9

Sep 27, 2022 | Announcements

The 2022 Dairy Cow Birthing Center was a huge success, all thanks to you! We welcomed 35 uddermiracles into the world and met with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Our message remained the same with every conversation; farmers are great people and care for their animals, the land, and their employees. We hope that you enjoyed your visit with us during the Fair, whether it was in person or from afar. 

Thank you to the farmer and industry volunteers for taking the time to come to the NYS fairgrounds to make connections with countless fairgoers. The time you devoted in our tent makes the experience of those visiting unmatched by any other. You answered the tough questions, advocated for agriculture, and changed perceptions, all while making an impact. 

Thank you to the fairgoers and online viewers for making the Dairy Cow Birthing Center one of your stops while visiting the fairgrounds. We appreciate your interest, genuine questions, and continued support. We are so looking forward to celebrating 10 years in 2023!

Thank you to our host farms and their families and employees that traveled to Syracuse, NY. You provided an opportunity like no other to people from New York and beyond (far beyond). Your presence allowed people of all ages the opportunity to witness the miracle of life, learn in a variety of ways, and talk with real farmers.

Thank you to the more than 50 sponsors that provided financial and in-kind donations. Each of your generous contributions allowed the Dairy Cow Birthing Center to be impactful yet again. Together, we are living out our mission of helping others understand and appreciate animal agriculture while providing farmers a platform to tell their stories. 

Thank you to the staff at the Great New York State Fair. Thank you for the hours and hours of hard work that you put into preparing our site and ensuring that things ran smoothly for the Birthing Center each day. Your help is much appreciated.

To see the 35 uddermiracles and additional details of the 2022 Dairy Cow Birthing Center happenings, visit @nyanimalag on Facebook and Instagram.