Farm Labor – It’s Essential for Success

Apr 13, 2020 | Industry News

It was once said that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, the same is true for a farm. It takes a village to care for the cows in our herd, the land we live on, the environment around us, and the community we live in. It takes an entire team of people coming together to ensure the ultimate goal is reached – to produce high-quality milk for families to enjoy. 

Dairy farms rely on a variety of labor resources. This includes family members, friends, and other hired employees – both foreign and domestic – to work together. Family farms have teams of people focused on areas of expertise including crops, cows, equipment, personnel, and more. These teams are comprised of individuals that want to be part of helping to bring nutritious dairy products to your table each day. Everyone that works on a dairy farm is there for a different reason but they all have the same passion of caring for the cows, crops and community they live in. 

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All team members on dairy farms are vital to the success of the business because it’s true that we can do anything better when we work together. Check out our latest documentary linked below to learn more about the labor it takes to run a successful dairy farm. Our people matter to us because it’s our people who make a difference and it’s our team that makes up our village.