Indulge in Dairy

Dec 16, 2020 | Company News

When you indulge in dairy, you’re supporting the nearly 4,000 New York State family dairy farms. As a not-for-profit organization, we strive to bring you honest and transparent information about animal agriculture every day of the year. We want to ensure that farmers are seen for who they are and what they do on the farm. As dedicated, passionate, and positive people, farmers are continually working hard to produce nutritious and delicious food for you and your family. Day in and day out, they care for the animals on their farm, the land they live on, and the people on their teams.

A common question we receive throughout the year is, “how can we support dairy farmers?” As we are all preparing to welcome in a new year, we encourage you to think about New York dairy farmers. Think about how you can add dairy products to your everyday routine, your family traditions, and your kitchen table three times a day. Here are just a few ways to help get you started. 

  • Smear that bagel with cream cheese.
  • Go for a double scoop of ice cream.
  • Make pudding with your kids.
  • Have cottage cheese as a side.
  • Put butter on everything.
  • Serve cheese sticks as a snack.
  • Add whey protein powder to shakes.
  • Top potatoes and tacos with sour cream.
  • Start your day with a yogurt smoothie.
  • Add cheese to everything.
  • Spruce up desserts with whipped cream.
  • Make a cheesy casserole for your neighbors.
  • Order extra cheese on your pizza.
  • Create fun yogurt parfaits after school.
  • Try your hand at homemade ice cream.
  • Drink chocolate milk after a workout.

Feel free to share all of the ways you and your family are choosing to indulge in dairy. Be sure to check out our recent commercial that is airing on Spectrum TV through the end of the year by visiting this link on our YouTube channel.