National Dairy Month: JUNE

Jun 5, 2023 | Announcements

National Dairy Month:

June Dairy Month is an annual celebration in the United States that pays tribute to dairy farmers, dairy processors, and the wide range of dairy products they provide. Dating back to 1937, this month-long event, originally known as National Milk Month, has evolved into a platform to promote the dairy industry and encourage the consumption of dairy products. Let’s explore the significance of dairy farming, the vital role of dairy farmers and processors, and the various ways in which we can celebrate and appreciate dairy during this special month. 

Dairy farming is a crucial industry in the United States, supplying us with an abundant variety of milk and milk products. Spanning across the country, dairy farms are home to hardworking farmers who tirelessly produce high-quality milk and care for their cows. These dedicated individuals serve as the backbone of the dairy industry, ensuring that we have access to fresh and nutritious dairy products every day. 

June Dairy Month serves as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of dairy farmers to our communities. It encourages us to visit local dairy farms and gain firsthand knowledge about the meticulous work involved in milk production. Many farms offer tours and activities during this month, allowing us to witness the care and dedication that farmers put into their craft. 

In addition to honoring dairy farmers, June Dairy Month also celebrates dairy processors who play a crucial role in transforming raw milk into the diverse array of dairy products we enjoy, including cheese, butter, and yogurt. These skilled individuals employ advanced technology and techniques to ensure the highest quality and safety standards for the dairy products we consume. This month offers us an opportunity to appreciate their hard work and dedication. 

The sixth month of the year is not only a time to honor the individuals who contribute to the dairy industry but also an occasion to revel in the delightful dairy products we love. Dairy products not only provide essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamin D, but they also bring immense joy to our meals. From ice cream to cheeseburgers, these products are an integral part of our diet and deserve to be celebrated during this month-long event. 

One state that particularly embraces June Dairy Month is New York, where the dairy industry plays a prominent role. With nearly 3,500 family dairy farms scattered across rural areas, New York is a leading producer of yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, ice cream, and cheese. The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) has been instrumental in showcasing the positive image of New York dairy farmers and promoting transparent conversations about farming and agriculture for the past two decades. 

If you’re a farmer, there are numerous ways to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of June Dairy Month, there are numerous ways to celebrate both on farms and within communities. These ideas include: 

  • creating social media pages to share farm life 

  • organizing farm tours for local schools and community members 

  • sponsoring local sports teams to promote dairy 

  • organizing dairy parades 

  • speaking at local town board meetings 

  • developing educational displays in grocery stores 

  • collaborating with classrooms for learning opportunities 

  • providing dairy products to community programs.   

As a consumer of dairy products, there are several ways to celebrate Dairy Month. 

  • reach out to a neighbor farmer and ask some questions.
  • share dairy products that you enjoy with your social networks.  
  • include dairy at your next local picnic or BBQ. 
  • purchase more dairy products for your family. 
  • provide chocolate milk as a great recovery drink for your kids during the summer months. 

The possibilities for celebration and promotion are endless! Happy National Dairy Month!